In 2020 we were all sitting inside our homes and saying goodbye to all the great travel plans on our to-do lists. It was the year that interrupted the travel industry and ruined much of our plans.

However, 2021 is expected to be one of the most important years for tours and the travel industry. Each year travel patterns come and happen. As the world still steadily recovers from COVID-19 and borders begin to open, travelling looks slightly different from the pandemic.

It is hard to anticipate the future, but it is important to imagine a way forward, although we are not aware of the sorrows for 2021, we are aware of the common patterns. Look at the patterns in 2021 that we see influenced journeys.

Travelling in 2021: reality or fantastic?

Travel is going to get more creative in 2021 when some restrictions are lifted. This new year will offer new opportunities to visit local attractions, ride off-beat paths in our own country, and explore the outside.

Looking at the current situation, whereas in some countries, the pandemic is managed, and security measures are taken care of, many countries are lifting the travel restrictions. That makes it more of a reason for some countries to allow visitors to travel to tourist places, but that's not the case for citizens of every country. Only some countries are allowed to move in and travel abroad by providing a negative PCR test and having a mandatory quarantine during arrival.

Travel Nomadic: work and travel at the same time

There is a strong wish for longer holidays where people can take their jobs with them, with COVID-19 causing travel constraints and increased tension. The year 2021 could be the reimagined year of the workplace. As people move from their work to homes, everything people realize is electricity and a strong Internet connection to work from anywhere.

Travel consultants are a must

The pandemic only underlined the critical role played by tour operators. Travel agents will have an important part to play in 2021. Many of the trips will be made by travel agents looking for the best offers to schedule your trips.

You probably understand why having a travel agent in your own space is helpful if you have to adjust a trip or handle a significant travel issue by yourself.

Wellness holidays

In recent years, medical tourism has developed. The industry is expected to recover quickly when interrupted by pandemics, travel restrictions, and closed borders in some countries. In times of uncertainty, never before encountered, a wellness vacation is particularly desirable. The idea of knowledge and society becoming conscious of the importance of maintaining health have become increasingly familiar with this form of tourism.

Riding off in an RV

During the pandemic, the RV rental market expanded rapidly and proved one of the safest and most successful holiday opportunities for 2020. So 2021 would see a continuing rise in domestic RV travel that without doubts will be more attractive than before COVID-19.

Holiday trips often make your travel plans convenient and give you access to the outdoors. It is ideal for tourists of all ages and families. It is animal friendly and facilitates the ultimate exploration outdoors.

Dream vacations are right on the table

The biggest trend in 2021 will be to build the wish list. With the constraints on the virus changing every day, you have a lot of time in your hand to prepare in detail and save for this dream holiday. Big wish list trips are likely to be highly requested, and people want to make a lifetime journey.


What's Eco-Travel? Eco-travel means, basically, to travel safely. Many times when people fly overseas, they visit places that have been overwhelmed with visitors. The local environment has now been totally ruined. Eco-travel focuses on overseas adventure travel that enhances and maintains the surrounding environment while promoting the well-being of the community.

Eco-friendly travel to natural areas that conserve the environment and local citizens. Travellers from all generations are more mindful of the environment and even the local economic impacts of their journey.

Travellers are now adopting environment-friendly, carbon-neutral ways to get from one location to another. In exchange, slow and remote travel plans will be encouraged. In 2021, people can opt to remain for a longer time to get a more profound sense of culture.

Family and friends meetings

While it is still unclear how easily the world will be able to fly again, many individuals all around the world will want to schedule a holiday as soon as possible to see family and friends. In 2021, we are expecting a rise in cross-generational travel with families searching for a way out.

There are travel-related risks and no absolute safety guarantee. Families need the unique characteristics of housing, often looking for leisure opportunities to entertain all members. Mental and physical wellbeing and protection are considered by families. For a large number of people to travel or remain, destinations must have the technology and services required.

Car Trips

At the onset of the pandemic, airlines were one of the first services to stop. This had moved car trips forward because it was a much better choice to drive by private vehicles and privately owned cars. Therefore, it is highly likely to continue the pattern in 2021, as the passengers prefer road trips more than flights.

The airline's preference will not only be guided by price, but also by hygiene standards. Travellers may choose private transport to ensure they stay safe and prevent crowds in the region.


Every year, different travel trends are seen around the world as technologies, and advanced factors start varying. There are just some patterns to take into consideration when planning your next vacation.

2020, however, was a special year for changing travel and forging new routes that will remain in the future. When the world slowly changes in response to COVID-19, borders are opening, and people are beginning to move. Check out the updated SOPs guidelines and regulations of the destination you're travelling to, and don't forget to look out for travel deals and hotel bookings and other related services with Dusk Travel and Tourism.