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Armenia is open for tourists with COVID-19-related entry restrictions, quarantine regulations and entry guidelines.

Under the provisions to the amendments of Government Decree No 1514-N, which entered into force on 12 January 2021, restrictions on entry into the Republic of Armenia's territory for persons entering from a foreign country have been lifted. Now all persons arriving (RA nationals and citizens of a foreign country) are permitted to access the Republic of Armenia's territory both by air and land.

On entering the Republic of Armenia's territories via air and land boundaries, travellers will be asked to apply for a COVID-19 PCR test certificate with negative results in the corresponding 72 hours.

The certification should be in Armenian, Russian or English, containing the name, surname, date of birth and passport number of the person tested. It shall be written on the official letterhead of the medical institution administering the test, indicating all contacts of the organization, the test result, signed and sealed by the head of the medical institution.

To identify signs of illness, all passengers are subject to a relevant inspection by the Health and Labor Inspectorate immediately upon entry (including contactless temperature checking, external examination, additional inquiries in case of clinical symptoms typical to the infection).

If the related symptoms have been identified as a result of the test, they will be hospitalized.

Non-holders of the appropriate certificate shall be subject to PCR testing at the airport or border checkpoints sampling points and mandatory isolation before the negative PCR test result is received.

Sampling points conduct sampling, then send personal details and self-isolation registration to the ARMED system based on an ID: the credibility of the contact telephone number is checked on the ground by calling the above phone number. After sampling, a related document showing the sampling and registration for self-isolation must be given to the test point.

The PCR test results are recorded in the ARMED system and are given to the individual under examination within 48 hours.

If a negative PCR test is received, the individual will be free from self-isolation.

The PCR-related and possible treatment costs should be met by the person arriving.

It is your decision to fly and you are responsible for your personal protection abroad