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If you want an amazing and affordable Mediterranean destination with everything from medieval villages to rugged alpine mountains and beautiful cities, Bosnia and Herzegovina is the place for you. Bosnia and Herzegovina deserves your attention, and the cheapest Bosnia and Herzegovina tour packages from UAE from Dusk Travel and Tourism will spark your desire to visit. Bosnia and Herzegovina is an unexplored yet gorgeous country located in Southeastern Europe. The country is brimmed with an abundance of natural beauty.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is informally referred to as BiH or simply Bosnia. Craggily beautiful Bosnia and Herzegovina are fascinating for their East-meets-West ambience, a blend of Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian histories screened through a Southern Slavic lens. Tourists love this country for its human warmth, majestic mountains, numerous medieval castle ruins, raftable rivers, spectacular waterfalls, and low-cost skiing. Ottoman architecture is a popular attraction for every tourist visiting Bosnia.

Bosnia and Herzegovina may be small, but a lot of things can be enjoyed with our Bosnia and Herzegovina vacation packages from Dubai. Undiscovered, beautiful and cheap. Bosnia and Herzegovina is waiting for you.

Backpack for Bosnia & Herzegovina on a Budget with Bosnia and Herzegovina vacation packages from UAE

Bosnia and Herzegovina is rich in history, culture, and staggering natural beauty.

Three major religions Islam, Roman Catholic, and Serbian Orthodox, integrates with this small area to form a vibrant culture. This is evident when you will hear the Muslim prayer over the minarets and church bells ringing from a nearby church in the difference of few minutes. Our list of recommended itineraries for Bosnia and Herzegovina and its neighbouring countries assist you to enjoy a multi-destination tour greatly with ease. Our extensive trip packages make travelling throughout the Adriatic and Balkan region perfect and hassle-free. 

If you are backpacking Bosnia and Herzegovina from Dubai and want to travel on a budget, then having the cheapest Bosnia and Herzegovina vacation packages from UAE is easy with Dusk Travel and Tourism. It makes your hotel stay, visiting popular attractions and enjoying adventurous activities convenient and affordable. 

For a luxury budget, to stay in a luxury hotel and discover the most of Bosnia and Herzegovina, we have it all. From low priced packages to luxurious Bosnia and Herzegovina vacation packages from UAE, a holiday to this destination is worth a visit with us depending on your travel style. This amazing itinerary is a cheap and ideal mix of culture-oriented, popular and off the beaten path experiences. 

With our Bosnia and Herzegovina vacation packages from UAE, you can watch divers jump from the iconic bridge in Mostar, take a dip in the turquoise pools below the cascading Kravice Falls, and raft down the Tara Canyon, the deepest canyon in Europe. 

Things to Do in Bosnia

Bosnia is a scenic country in southeastern Europe with dramatic geography, intense history and amiable local people. One of the best ways to explore and experience Bosnia is by Bosnia tour packages from Dubai. Here is our suggestion you could include in your Bosnia vacation package.

  1. Spend special time taking photographs of Stari Most, Mostar's iconic bridge.
  2. Recollections about the genocide can be found in Sarajevo's historical museum.
  3. On your journey from Sarajevo to Konjic, halt in Ilidza to see its "Big Alley."
  4. Admire the perfectly blue pristine water of Lake Jablanica.
  5. Discover the stunning Konjic and its mountainous and densely forested surroundings.
  6. Drive to the top of Hum Mountain, Mostar's highest point, to see the spectacular sunrise.
  7. Enjoy a fantastic view of Sarajevo when experiencing Bosnian nightlife in one of the city's rooftop bars.
  8. Take the drive through scenic route from Konjic to Mostar, passing by Lake Rama.
  9. Enjoy the green hills and eye-catching views on your way as you travel from Lake Rama to Tomislavgrad.
  10. Visit the Historical Museum in Sarajevo to learn about the former Yugoslavia's past.
  11. In and around Mostar, try some "zilavka," a rousingly fresh local wine.

Best Places to Visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Without further ado, explore the list of the top 10 places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina to make your holiday packages from the UAE more interesting.

Sarajevo: The capital has so many places of interest which can hardly be covered in one day. Sarajevo has seen the outbreak of the First World War, the communist rule and its own civil war in the early 1990s; it has had a fair share of historical events. Sarajevo City Hall, Sarajevo Cable Car, Latin Bridge, Bascarsija, National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Tunnel of Hope, Bosnia and Herzegovina Historical Museum, Sacred Heart Cathedral, and many others are among Sarajevo's attractions that are included in many Bosnia tour packages from Dubai.

Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Bosnia and Herzegovina's history museum was founded on November 13, 1945. Since then, the museum has been designed with specific intent. The Museum's name had changed many times, most recently in 1949 when it was renamed the Museum of National Revolution of Bosnia and Herzegovina. There are over 400,000 historical objects in the museum.

Jahorina: It is a mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina whose highest peak is Ogorjelica. The peak is 1,916 metres high, making it Sarajevo's second-highest mountain. It's an ideal location for hiking and skiing. It's an ideal location for hiking and skiing. During the Bosnian War, this location was strategically important, and landmines can still be found in some areas of the mountain and near the resort.

Banja Luka: Banja Luka in Bosnia and Herzegovina's second-largest city, located on the Vrbas River. It's a beautiful green city known for its tree-lined boulevards, gardens, and parks. Vrbas River, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, Banja Luka, Krupa WaterFalls, and Ferhadija Mosque are all worth seeing while in Banja Luka.

Jajce: It is a small town at the intersection of the Pliva and Vrbas rivers. The mediaeval Jajce Fortress is a legacy from the past. Jajce is a small city that is both geographically and culturally prosperous. It has been the birthplace of Ottoman governors, feudal kings, and communist strongholds and is a historical treasure. It is one of the best-preserved fortified capitals in the Kingdom of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is famous for its dazzling waterfall, which is located in the town's centre between the Pliva and Vrbas Rivers. Pliva Falls, Jajce Fortress, Jajce Catacombs, Pliva Lakes, AVNOJ Museum, and a stroll through the Old Town are all worth seeing while you're here. It is the main highlight of Bosnia tour packages from Dubai.

Una National Park: You can experience the most astonishing and breathtaking Una waterfalls. You could also devour some good quality brown trout from river Una. It is the third national park in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It encompasses the upper canyon of the Una River, which features numerous waterfalls as well as special ecological and hydrological phenomena. The Una River's main attraction is its tufa cascades, with Strbacki Buk, Martin Brod, and Troslap rounding out the list.

Mostar: It is the most popular places to visit in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a diverse range of traditional restaurants, mosques, and other historic structures. It attracts tourists with its beauty, architecture, and the Stari Most. It is a famous UNESCO world heritage site that makes it a popular tourist destination. Mosques, market stalls, popular restaurants, and a landscape to discover abound in Bosnia's sights. Stari Most, Blagaj Monastery, and the "Don't Forget" Stone, Bridge Diving, and Kravice Falls are some things to do and see in Mostar.

Blidinje Nature Park: It is a remarkable nature reserve settled in the heart of the Dinaric Alps. On April 30, 1995, the nature park was built, representing a significant hydrological and natural preserve in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It has three large mountain ranges: the Dugopolje plateau, the Dinaric Alps range, and the Blidinje Lake and Grabovica valley. The sea is just an hour away, and the atmosphere draws visitors at all times of the year.

Kravica Waterfall: It is an absolutely stunning photogenic waterfall on the Trebižat River. Spring is the perfect season to book your Bosnia and Herzegovina vacation packages from UAE to visit Kravica Waterfall. Kravica Waterfall, also known as Kravice, is a massive tufa cascade in Bosnia and Herzegovina's central region. The falls are encircled by forest on all sides, but there is a small cafe, picnic area, rope swing, and camping area nearby. In spring, the landscape is at its most vibrant green.

Trebinje: It is positioned on the peaceful Trebišnjica River, just an hour from Croatia's Dubrovnik and Montenegro's Herceg Novi. Trebinje is situated in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina's wine country, next to a gently flowing river. The town was established in the eighteenth century. The old town is located on the shores of the Trebisnjica River, which flows through the city. Hercegovacka Gracanica, Arslanagica Bridge, Tvrdos Monastery, Trebinje Old City, Holy Transfiguration Orthodox Cathedral, Fort Strac, Monument to the Soldiers Killed in the Defense of the City are just a few of the few things to see and do in Trebinje.

Best Time to Have a Perfect Vacation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

May, June and early September are ideal for visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina when the temperatures are moderate. February and March are great times for enjoying various winter activities like hiking and snowshoeing in the mountains. 

Bosnia and Herzegovina Tourist Visa from UAE 

Citizens of the UAE and the Kingdom of Bahrain are liberated from the visa requirements when travelling to Bosnia and Herzegovina for up to 90 days.

Bosnia and Herzegovina Tour Packages from Dubai with Dusk Travel and Tourism

With our best Bosnia and Herzegovina Holiday Package from UAE, you are assured once in a lifetime travel experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can buy Bosnia and Herzegovina Tours from Dusk Travel and Tourism to have a great vacation with us.