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The tourist must show a negative PCR test certificate of proof taken within 72 hours of travelling.

A series of recent violations led to the implementation of a new precautionary and safety policy in Dubai, which mandated a preventative approach to hotels with high occupancy to prevent their recourse.

In an exclusive interview, Ahmad Al Falasi, the CEO of Corporate Services and Investment, Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism), set out the latest set of COVID-19 precautionary steps pushed in on 2 February. The initiative will be operational by 28 February, declared by Dubai's Supreme Crisis and Disaster Management Committee.

Occupancy levels of Hotels
The safety and wellbeing of all are the utmost priority and hotels in Dubai ensure compliance with all precautionary measures.

Every hotel shall operate at occupancy levels of 70 per cent
No new bookings or extensions will be made for existing hotels with occupancy levels above 70% before the limit mentioned above. They are met besides postponed activities leading to large gathering events such as brunches at weekends.
If the precautionary provisions are not followed, serious action will take place against the venue.
Dubai Bars and Pubs
All pubs and bars of Dubai should be temporarily closed from 2 February until the end of February 2021.
PCR test Rules for Dubai Tourists
All passengers arriving at Dubai Airports from any country must have a negative COVID 19 PCR test certificate of proof for a test taken no more than 72 hours before departure.
Sanitization of Hotels
Regular site inspections are done to ensure that all safety protocols are followed properly—failure to comply with the protocols led to serious action against the establishment.

Restaurants staff should implement social distancing amongst diners 
Sanitize common areas frequently, 
Encourage contactless payments 
All staff should wear masks, 
Diners can remove their masks while eating.
Do’s and don’ts for residents, tourists

Wear masks in public and crowded places and maintain social distancing.
Do follow proper hygiene, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds often with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
Avoid the unwashed hands to touch your eyes, nose and mouth.
Maintain close interaction with the ill-person.

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