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Wondering where to spend the best holidays with your family? If yes, then you cannot have the best option other than planning a vacation to Sri Lanka. When visiting Sri Lanka from Dubai, please take a look at our most affordable Sri Lanka family tour packages from Dubai and prepare to be blown away by this ultimate escapade. We assured you that your trip to this exotic family destination would be full of fun and excitement. Sri Lanka is a destination loaded with fascinating places for children, popular hotspots for adults and endless family adventures. Rejuvenate on golden beaches, visit monuments, emerald forests, taste Sri Lankan delicacies or indulge in some of the most thrilling activities. A holiday in Sri Lanka will give you a precious chance to rediscover your family affection and have quality time together. 

Family holidays are best enjoyed with tour packages. So if you are looking for the best and affordable Sri Lanka family tour packages from Dubai, you can glance at a variety of Srilanka tour Packages at Dusk Travel and Tourism. 

We've compiled a few top attractions in Sri Lanka to help you plan the perfect family vacation before booking your Sri Lanka tour packages.

What is stopping you from booking Sri Lanka family tour packages from Dubai?

If you are travelling to Sri Lanka from Dubai with your family, planning the holiday can be expensive. To experience the family holiday in Sri Lanka under budget, book the Sri Lanka family tour packages from Dubai with Dusk Travel and tourism. We have many attractive Sri Lanka travel packages for relaxing family tours. You can even customize your packages to explore the best of Sri Lanka. 

You can experience the following highlights of Sri Lanka with family at the lowest price with our travel packages. We assure you of a beautiful contrast of thrill and tranquillity in Sri Lanka. Our packages will make your family holiday in Sri Lanka worth visiting at the least possible prices.

Colombo: Soak in the lively ambience

Here you will place your feet first when exploring Sri Lanka. So it is essential to talk about the brilliance of this ever-bustling capital city of Sri Lanka. It encounters all international travellers and has the best staycation in Srilanka. It is the prominent inclusion of many Sri Lanka family tour packages from Dubai. It's also a popular spot to drink and listen to music while taking in the lively atmosphere of the city's nightlife. Visit the seaside promenade, Galle Face Green, and a few party venues and casinos for a boozing night. A walk on the beach in the early morning will undoubtedly vivify you. Colombo has the best Sri Lanka attractions like the National Museum, Viharamahadevi Park, St. Anthony Church, Wolvendaal Church, Old Galle Buck Lighthouse and Mt. Lavinia Beach.

Galle to Mirissa: Admire a whale-watching cruise

Travelling with your kids to Galle for a whale-watching cruise is great fun as they will enjoy the sights they haven't observed before. The cruise will sail you from Galle to Mirissa and on to Dondra Point. You will see playful dolphins along the way, which your children will undoubtedly enjoy. You may even be fortunate enough to see a giant blue whale, which will add to the excitement of your journey. This one excursion will unquestionably provide your children and you with the most beautiful memories during your Sri Lankan vacation. You must include this while booking Sri Lanka tour packages from Dubai for an amusing holiday with family.

Kandalama: Hot Air Balloon Ride

Travel to Kandalama with your family and take an adrenaline-pumping hot air balloon ride. Fly up into the sky and look down to see the breathtaking beauty under your feet. The surreal beauty of the clouds and endless panoramic views will be revealed by hot air ballooning. While taking in the staggeringly beautiful scenery, you should also take some stunning photographs because this trip will provide you with a fantastic photographic chance as well as a cherished experience. Don't forget to include this on your list of must-do activities with your family as you travel around Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka tour packages from Dubai with a hot air balloon ride is the best you can have.

Ceylon: Witness the Tea Trails

Visit Ceylon's tea tracks to get back to the colonial period. The tea estates of Sri Lanka will be one of the best tourist destinations in Srilanka to visit with your family. Taking a walk through the lush green tea plantation with your family would be priceless. Not only are you able to walk through the tea estate, but you also have the opportunity to learn about the entire tea-making procedure. You will learn about stuff you didn't know before, from the tea picking process to the conversion in the factory. This will provide you with the most fascinating and excellent family experience.

Sigiriya Fortress: Journey to this Majestic Monument

One of the famous tourist attractions of Sri Lanka, the Sigiriya Fortress, is worth seeing with Sri Lankan vacation packages. One of the best places to explore in Srilanka with your family, the Sigiriya Fortress will be no less than a delight to lovers of history and heritage. You can take your children around this magnificent structure and tell them about its historical significance. This massive monument's beauty will probably keep your family entertained. Early morning or late afternoon are the best times to visit the Sigiriya Fortress.

Beira Lake: Have a Languid Boat Ride

Enjoy your special memories with your family on a boat ride. Don't forget to take a relaxing boat trip on Beira Lake in Colombo, Sri Lanka's capital city. At this place, you can rent a duck paddle boat and enjoy the dazzling beauty of the waters. Swans and ducks will greet you as you paddle through the waters, making your boat trip even more enjoyable. Your family holiday in Sri Lanka would undoubtedly enchant you with its wondrous beauty. 

Yala West National Park: Exhilarating Wildlife Safari

Travel to the Yala West National Park in Sri Lanka's Southern Province and Uva Province for a wildlife safari, which is one of the most exciting things to do with your family. Sri Lanka may appear tiny on a map, but it is home to many of the world's most unique biodiversity hotspots. This National Park would be a delight for wildlife enthusiasts. Don't miss out on a thrilling jeep safari with your family through Yala West National Park, where you can spot the park's brazen leopards. You can check out the Sri Lanka wildlife safari tour packages available with us.

Sigiriya Museum: Relive the history

A family holiday in Sri Lanka is unfinished without a visit to Sigiriya Museum. For history lovers, a trip to the Sigiriya Museum is worth it. Feel transported to another era by taking your children through the Museum's galleries and allowing them to appreciate the rich historical history. Make them look at the photos, models, and architectural spaces. This trip will teach them a lot about the symbolic culture and indefinable art. The museum's conceptual architecture will enchant you and make you want to relive history.

Mirissa: Enjoy Fishing with your family

Mirissa is another great tourist destination in Srilanka to visit with family. Mirissa provides a fantastic opportunity for everyone in the family to enjoy fishing. Fishing in Mirissa can be one of the highlights of Sri Lanka on your family trip. Sri Lanka, being a beautiful coastal country, will lend you with numerous options to enjoy with your family. In Sri Lanka, you can see a wide range of fish such as tuna, jackfish, kingfish, trevally, barramundi, and Indian mackerel. Tourists flock here to revel in the best beaches and seafront cafes. These exciting add-ons can be customized to your Sri Lanka family tour packages while booking through us from Dubai.

It is a great place to unwind and connect with nature, and the best episode about Mirissa is, you can go on whales and dolphins watching in the ocean. While here, you can sights other places as well, if at all, sunbathing or relaxing is not your way to have fun. Although you can see different places while you're here, sunbathing or relaxing is a good time. In Mirissa, you can take your family to Mirissa Beach, Polhena Beach, and Midigama Beach.


To get the most out of your holiday in Sri Lanka, visit between January to April or mid-July to September. We've discussed the cultural sights, thrilling activities, relaxing beaches, and museums so far. Don't forget Sri Lankan delicacies while exploring it with your family. If these mentions have piqued your interest, don't wait any longer. For the best Sri Lanka tour packages from Dubai, please reach us through Dusk Travel and Tourism portal.