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Cyprus, a land famed for its breathtaking beauty since antiquity, is popular around the world. This splendiferous land boasts not only natural scenery but also enormous architectural beauty, as this tiny island in the middle of a majestic sea is dotted with UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Cyprus is a great holiday destination, be it for couples, families, friends or groups. Dusk Travel and Tourism offer various low-cost Cyprus holiday packages from Dubai to explore historical islands, beautiful and breezy beaches, old fortresses, cathedrals, charming towns and amazing places of Cyprus.

With its rejuvenating island vibe, pleasant climate, long stretches of glistening beaches and captivating sunsets, the Mediterranean island of Cyprus is a complete package of all when it comes to incredible holiday spots. Sun-seekers will love to be on its secluded shorelines; those looking for leisurely walks will enjoy strolling cobblestone laneways in quaint towns such as Omodos and Pano Lefkara. Partygoers will find plenty of places to groove in clubs spread across the southern Cyprus cities of Paphos, Limassol, and Larnaca. 

World Heritage Sites seem to litter the streets at every nook and cranny. Have a look at a comprehensive Cyprus travel guide that will help you choose the perfect Cyprus tour package for yourself.

Best Places to Visit in Cyprus With Our Cyprus Holiday Packages From Dubai 

Paphos: Historic hub best for couples

Paphos is an ideal destination for couples because of its scenic beauty, fascinating history, excellent shopping, delicious dining, and luxurious hotels. Upper Paphos (Pano Paphos) is located on a hill, while Lower Paphos (Kato Paphos) is located on the coast.

Beachside restaurants and a touch of romantic nightlife can be found in the older, lower part of town. Along with the gorgeous beaches, you'll find Roman ruins such as houses of Dionysus', Orpheus', and Aion's, as well as the majority of the town's tourist spots. Pano Paphos has a more authentic feel to it. The Old Town is definitely worth a visit with your Cyprus holiday packages.

Coral Bay: Amalgamation of beaches and history

Coral Bay is a part of the town of Peyia, located just north of Paphos. This area stands out for its attractive beaches and numerous hotels. The 600-meter-long crescent-shaped beach in the namesake bay has calm waves and is Blue Flag certified, making it a perfect choice for families to have in Cyprus holiday packages.

It is also a great location to visit if you have a sense of adventure. It's perfect for discovering the nearby ancient ruins and mountain villages, with the sights in and around Paphos just a few kilometres away. Coral Bay itself has diving centres, amusement parks, go-karting and other facilities that'll keep little ones entertained.

Ayia Napa: The party Capital of Cyprus

Ayia Napa is one of the famous Mediterranean party destinations competing with Ibiza, Magaluf and Mykonos. Every summer night, thousands of partygoers flock to the city's main square and Ayias Mavris street, which are lined with bars and clubs.

The coast has dramatic sheer cliffs with some of Cyprus' most stunning beaches, such as Nissi and Pantachou. Cape Greco, to the east, is a lovely national forest park with some spectacular views. However, the town has a waterpark and other family-friendly attractions. Ayia Napa is best for younger visitors due to its wild nightlife. So, include this place while seeking the best and affordable travel packages to Cyprus.

Protaras: Amusement for Divers 

Protaras, on Cyprus' east coast, is exclusively a tourist destination. Its sandy beaches, the best of which is Fig Tree Bay, are lined with hotels, villas, and apartments. It's a popular destination for families and even Cypriot visitors, especially because the nightlife is much quieter than in Ayia Napa. It lacks history and attractions other than other parts of the island, though it’s a nice spot for scuba diving. Green Bay, The Blue Hole, and Malama Bay are some of the best dive sites in the region.

The Most Pleasurable Things to Do in This Middle-Eastern Country

Uncover the history of Aphrodite’s Rock

An image of miraculous natural beauty, Petra Tou Romiou (also known as Aphrodite's Rock) is a sea stack located between Paphos and Limassol on the coast of Cyprus. Its name is derived from Greek mythology, according to which it is the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite, who emerged from the foaming waters. It is also regarded as a holy site that attracts tourists from all over the world.

While climbing on the rock is not possible due to the rough seas in the area. But there is a beach nearby and a viewing pavilion where you can get the perfect picture of the rock against the azure waters. You can devour delicious cuisine in the restaurant nearby while glancing at this amazingly charming view.

Visit the Baths of Aphrodite 

The Baths of Aphrodite is located on the edge of the Akamas Peninsula, where the Chrysochous Valley ends and the rugged cliffs begin. These baths are said to be where the goddess Aphrodite met her great love, Adonis, and thus a place of mythological significance.

A small rocky grotto and a pleasant waterfall flow into the pools underneath the site, which is hidden in dense vegetation. Even though bathing in the waters is prohibited, legend believes that the turquoise waters have the ability to extend youth and elegance.

Relax on the best beaches in Cyprus

Some of the top and best beaches in Cyprus are near Ayia Napa on the southeastern peninsula. The blue flag designation Beach, Nissi Beach, is one of the most popular and stunning beaches in Cyprus, crowded with tourists, beachgoers and water sports activities. The Beach offers a variety of activities, from foam parties to nighttime entertainment. Makronissos, a neighbouring beach, is less crowded and offers a more tranquil option. Our all-inclusive Cyprus vacation packages from Dubai covers the most popular golden Mediterranean beaches.

Other beautiful beaches are around the Paphos, which include Alykes Beach, popular for families due to its on-site facilities, Kissonerga Bay for those seeking more solitude, and Coral Bay, which is unquestionably one of Cyprus' most popular beaches due to its crystal clear waters and sheltered location.

Visit the lovely coastal town of Limassol

The vast city of Limassol, which also serves as a perfect base for exploring Cyprus, is another great place to visit. Limassol offers a wide variety of entertainment, dining, and sightseeing options that are unmatched to anything available in holiday resorts. Every spring, the city hosts the country's largest Carnival parade, which attracts thousands of people. The city has flashy shops, high-class hotels, and yachts along the waterfront with busy markets, cobblestone streets, and even a mediaeval castle which is a pleasant example of old meets new.

The castle, built by the Byzantines in 1000 AD, was once the royal wedding location outside of England, still houses many interesting artefacts from Cyprus' history. Cyprus trip cost is inexpensive when organizing a trip to Cyprus from Dubai with Dusk Travel and Tourism.

Enchant with a pretty Cyprus village of Omodos

Omodos brims stunning natural beauty. It is a small village nestled among Cyprus' Troödos Mountains. It is bounded by rolling hills rich in vineyards and is part of Cyprus' most famous wine area, which still practises winemaking in a traditional manner. On your tours to Cyprus from Dubai, try local wines like Xynisteri and Mavro and the popular Zivania spirit, a traditional Cypriot brandy made from leftover grape skins and winemaking residue. 

Omodos is a habitat of just fewer people, so you can enjoy the feel of the small-town. The bright red roofs and white stone bricks of Omodos' houses contrast beautifully with the surrounding vines' lush greenery, and a leisurely afternoon walking around the winding streets and cobblestone laneways is an ideal way to spend time in this unique and beautiful area of Cyprus.

Agios Ioannis Lampadistis Monastery

The UNESCO Heritage Agios Ioannis Lampadistis Monastery is a historic location that is often fun to visit while on vacation, and discovering the oldest places is an enjoyable experience. It is a magnificent complex of three churches and a must-see tourist attraction in Cyprus tour packages.

Many beautiful paintings in the monastery date from the 11th century. Visitors, on the other hand, would be delighted by the abundance of photo opportunities and the monastery's sheer elegance.

Cyprus Tourist Visa: Cyprus Travel From UAE

UAE residents do not require a visa to enter Cyprus. Our customer support executive also provides visa assistance when needed. 


From ancient archaeological sites and gorgeous old towns to spectacular beaches, hardcore party atmosphere, Cypriot cuisines and spirited nightlife scenes, this beautiful island has every delight to cater to everyone who sets foot on its land. Whether you’re planning an amusing summer holiday or a frivolous winter escape, it has amazing places to have joviality in this island nation. The island is intriguingly beautiful and perfect for exploring, so start planning your adventure using our list of amazing all-inclusive Cyprus vacation packages from Dubai and book the best for you.