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Ukraine is an amazing holiday destination to travel on a budget. It is located at the crossroads between Central and Eastern Europe and has beautiful unspoiled landscapes. Ukraine is a mountainous country bordering Russia and not far from Turkey. It has a Black Sea coastline, making it a popular summer vacation destination for tourists. With our cheapest Ukraine holiday packages from UAE, you can experience this strikingly wonderful country. 

Ukraine is also a delight for adventure lovers as they can explore Carpathian Mountain and indulge in some activities like hiking, fishing, skiing and hunting here. Not only that, but there are many other activities to enjoy in Ukraine, such as bird watching in the Danube Delta, cycling along the Dnipro in Kyiv, and water sports on the islands across the river. Culture buffs can visit UNESCO World Heritage sites and then devour delicious Ukrainian cuisines as part of the all-inclusive Ukraine holiday packages.

Popular Tourist places to Explore in Ukraine on with Ukraine Package from UAE


Kyiv, Ukraine's capital and most populous city, is one of the most engaging tourist places in the country. Tourists come to Kyiv for various purposes, ranging from astonishing architecture to the local history and culture. There are a number of museums and smaller theatres that can be experienced with our incredible Ukraine travel packages from Dubai, including the popular Puppet Theatre, which draws tourist masses all year. The city also has wonderful places to walk and exquisite street art created by talented artists.


Odessa is Ukraine's third-largest city. It is a seaport on the shores of the legendary Black Sea. It is one of the famous Ukraine vacation spots for the sandy beaches, pleasant weather, and sparkling waters, especially Lanzheron Beach, which is ideal for sun worshippers. Odessa, also referred to as the "Pearl of the Black Sea," is a vast city with an intimate feel, with labyrinthine lanes to traverse and nooks and crannies to discover, culminating in secluded squares and delightful houses decorated in mellow pastel shades. 

The mighty stairway guides from the centre of town to the beachfront and is the city's main claim to fame, but there are also leafy parks like the City Gardens to enjoy, as well as a bit of entertainment in the form of the Odessa Opera House and the city's numerous theatres. Ukraine holiday packages are the right choice for exploring Odessa on budget. 


The ancient city of Poltava is a gem for Ukrainian tourism and located on the banks of the Vorskla River. Kruhla Square, the city's main city square, is the city's most beautiful attraction. When viewed from the top, the city square is indeed a ring-shaped park that offers a beautiful panoramic view of the city. Also, visit Poltava to observe the famous Great Poltava Battlefield of the city. You can slash your Ukraine vacation cost by booking the most affordable Ukraine holiday packages from UAE from our website.

To view the military relics and remains, visit the Column of Glory, October Park, and the preserved area of the Poltava Battlefield. Poltava is also known for its museums, including many dedicated to military history, and its main cathedral, the Assumption Cathedral, which features a striking belfry. Poltava is a tranquil and serene cultural city with orchestras, theatres, and museums.

The Pink Lake

The gorgeous Pink Lake, nestled in various parts of the country, is one of the beautiful travel destinations in Ukraine. You must explore the Pink Lake on your Ukraine Tour Package. These lakes are famous for their healing characteristics. Visit one of these lakes, also referred to as the Ukrainian Dead Se, to lie in their waters for a sense of therapeutic rejuvenation. 

Admire the unique beauty of the pink water of the lake due to the presence of unicellular algae Dunaliella salina, which induces beta carotene in the presence of the sun, giving the pink colour. 


Bakota is an underlying village in Podilla, a place near Kamyanets-Podilsky. You will definitely love visiting this place with a quiet atmosphere and surprising scenery surrounding a beautiful lake. You will also be drawn to this enchanting place to see the St. Michael’s Monastery, the oldest male monasteries settled inside the White Mountains located near the lake.

It is a mesmerizing feeling glancing at the white mountain that is made of limestone. Bakota has various adventurous sports for its visitors like a parachute, wakeboard, water sports like rafting and many others.

Tunnel of Love

The ideal name “Tunnel of Love” has been given to a bewitching overgrown portion of a disused train line. While people who are romantically inclined can only admire the magnificent view of this tunnel, you'll enjoy the breathtaking view of the track canopied by a luxury green leaf arch forming a tunnel if you love photography or love romanticism. Many visitors would love to walk through an unending panorama. It is a popular inclusion in almost all the Ukraine honeymoon packages.

Carpathian Mountains

The Carpathian Mountains run through Central Europe, with a small section in Ukraine. This location's lush forest and unspoiled landscape will make you pleased. The abundance of pine forests contributes to the area's beauty.

You will be mesmerised by the iconic blue ice in the frozen lakes of this magical place if you visit during the winter. Indulge in many winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding at Bukovel's massive ski resort.

What You Will Definitely Like in Ukraine?

Comfortable and Nominally Priced Accommodation

One of the biggest advantages of travelling to Ukraine is the availability of budget hotels with excellent amenities. You will not face any challenge while seeking affordable accommodation in any of the major cities across Ukraine. You can also stay at luxury hotels with the availability of popular international hospitality brands like Hayat, Hilton, and Radisson. All-inclusive Ukraine holiday packages offer a luxurious stay in Ukraine at best offers and discounts.

Breathtaking Ukrainian Nature

Ukraine has several mind-boggling areas that are fantastic for sightseeing for all nature lovers. Because of the existence of mountains, waterfalls, and dense forests that are treated in a pristine setting, the diverse Ukrainian landscape is appreciated all over the world. Don't miss a trip to the Carpathians in Western Ukraine to see the beautiful mountains covered in dense greenery. Clear mountain rivers and mineral water springs look as if they are emerging from a never-ending dream. If you're looking for fantastic sea resorts, take a trip to Odessa to see the modern beaches along the Black Sea coast.

Cultural Greatness

While visiting Ukraine, you cannot overlook the country's cultural diversity. There are inevitably a number of worthwhile events and activities spread through various regions that provide a strong insight into the native culture. Both Ukrainian and foreign artists control modern art galleries and exhibitions. On a regular basis, various theatre performances on the stages can also be seen. Furthermore, this country hosts a slew of festivals dedicated solely to food, music, wine, and film that take place throughout the year.

Delicious Cuisine

What is the most thrilling aspect of visiting a new country? It is the local cuisine that has a distinct flavour of that particular region. Tourists in Ukraine are enthralled by traditional Ukrainian dishes such as vareniki and borsch. These two delicacies can be found on almost every restaurant's menu card in the country. It's amusing to learn that Ukraine has recipes and foods from each of its distinct districts, making it a tasty destination. Tourists will take sightseeing and gastronomic tours to fulfil their travel needs in the most luxurious way possible.

Ukraine vacation cost

Ukraine is Europe's cheapest country. Our many vacation packages can help you to secure the best prices and keep costs down.

Do UAE residents need a visa to Ukraine?

Ukraine tourist visas are required for citizens of the United Arab Emirates. We also provide visa assistance when planning a trip to Ukraine from Dubai with us.

So, if you want to take a long walk in the beautiful Tunnel of Love with your partner, see the magnificent Black Sea coastline or wishing to explore the mesmerizing culture and delicious cuisines of Ukraine, check out our best all-inclusive Ukraine holiday packages at low prices and create remarkable memories.