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From the appealing climate to the dense forests, magnificent mountains and crystal clear water lakes and rivers, everything can be enjoyed at its best by booking Russia tour packages from Dubai with Dusk Travel and Tourism. Russia is one of the most vibrant countries around the world where you can experience the glorious diversity of nature and learn about their unique culture and history. You will be amazed and captivated by its elegance while spending a holiday in Russia.

Choosing Russia tours is an exhilarating experience. You can discover more about their culture and inspiring history by visiting the beautiful and unique museums of Russia, which can be found all around the country. These museums display millions of world-acclaimed artworks. Many travellers dream of visiting such a vast country which has immense history and natural charm. All of this is available in exclusive Russia vacation packages that provide discounts to help you save money. Make your travels easy and enjoyable by exploring the best of Russia without worrying about where to go next because we've taken care of everything for you.

Since Russia is such a large country, it is impossible to enjoy everything in a given period of time. So, book our Russia tour packages that cover all highlights of Russia, from adventure sports activities to leisure time and from sightseeing to devouring the exotic Russian cuisine.

How to Make your Russia Tour Packages From Dubai Better?

Russia offers an incredible amalgamation of fun, beauty and history, from various heritage sites to fashionable and trendy cafes. A holiday in Russia will provide you with some of the best entertainment opportunities as well as a fun-packed and relaxing staycation.

At Dusk Travel and Tourism, we offer various holiday packages for Russia from Dubai and its neighbouring countries. Our Russia tour packages are wrapped with amazing sightseeing, comfortable hotels, fun activities and Russian meals to serve you some great experiences. 

Russia is embellished with iconic public squares, historical cities, picturesque landscapes and vivid culture, all of which can be enjoyed with our all-inclusive Russia tour packages. You can explore the towns of St. Petersburg and Moscow and be surprised by the beautiful architecture across this country. The Russia vacation packages are professionally fabricated with utmost commitment and professional expertise to provide you with the experience of a lifetime. Raise your spirits in preparation for your long-awaited trip to Russia. We give you the freedom to create unforgettable memories with us and continue our legacy of travelling, exploring, and celebrating life.

We aim to make the travel experience better and memorable. You can be assured to have a great vacation in Russia with the most affordable Russia Tour Packages From Dubai. Whether you want Russia honeymoon Packages, Moscow holiday packages or Russia tour Packages for friends and family, we have it at the lowest prices. So, make your Russia tour Packages from Dubai more affordable by booking it with us at the best deals and offers.

Advantages of Booking Russia Tour Packages From Dubai With Dusk Travel and Tourism
  • We provide the best and comprehensive travel arrangements based on the traveller's time and budget.
  • We have the best and comfortable hotels and resorts to ensure a luxury vacation.
  • We have special packages for honeymooners and couples looking for a more glamorous experience while in Russia.
  • Along with Russia tour packages from Dubai, our dedicated team will also assist you with visa applications from UAE to Russia.
  • When converting currency, our state-of-the-art currency exchange facility facilitates seeking the most lucrative rates.
  • Our online portal is indeed very user-friendly and holds all of the information that you can find in our office without having to run to and from it.
  • Our customer service team is very active and is available to answer your queries 24x7.

Things to Do and Enjoy During Vacation in Russia

There is a myriad of things you can try on your Vacation in Russia. There are various adventurous, exhilarating and entertaining things to do that are included in all our Russia packages from Dubai. Apart from navigating to Russia's attractions across the multitude of tourist places in Russia, you can indulge in many other fun activities. You can have a canal tour across many canals in St. Petersburg. Discover the cultural performances at the quaint Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. You can also enjoy skiing and snowboarding in Red valley. 

You can travel around the country visiting many fascinating museums. A trip to Russia isn't complete without tasting some of the country's delectable cuisines at the many elegant restaurants, street food stalls, and quaint eateries that dot the countryside. With an excellent Russia tour package, you can do a variety of other things during your holiday.

Best Tourist Destination in Russia

There are many spectacular sites and fascinating attractions to explore on a Russia trip. All the major tourist attractions and the best of Russia are included in various Russia tour packages. The coastal town of Sochi nestled in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains on the Black Sea. Russia has many tourist attractions like Stalin's Dacha, Rosa Khutor Ski Resort, Riviera Dolphinarium, Vorontsovka Caves, Mount Akhun, and Olympic Park. Baikal Lake in Siberia is Russia's most intriguing and pristine tourist spot. 

Moscow, the capital of the country, cannot be skipped on vacation in Russia. It is the best tourist destination in Russia. Red Square, located in the centre of Moscow, is a truly stunning place in the heart of Moscow, lined with impressive museums, cathedrals, and government buildings. The most remarkable attractions of the Red Square are The Iberian Gate, Kazan Cathedral, Kremlin Wall, St. Basil's Cathedral, City Hall, Lenin Mausoleum, Statue of Pozharsky and Minin and State Hall Museum. Explore the best of Moscow with fantastic Moscow tour Packages from Dubai with Dusk Travel and Tourism.

Explore St. Petersburg's splendid architectural delight is lined with massive parks, fascinating museums, beautiful churches, historical monuments and royal palaces. The State Hermitage Museum is the best attraction of St. Petersburg in Russia. Suzdal, Kazan, Karelia, Krenitsyn Volcano in Onekotan, Manpupuner Rock Formations and Volga River are some of the best attractions of St. Petersburg that should be counted in your Russia holiday packages.

Visa Requirement to Travel From UAE to Russia

United Arab Emirates (UAE) citizens need a visa to enter Russia. To obtain a visa from UAE to Russia, you must apply at the Embassy or Consulate of the Russian Federation.

Best Time to Visit Russia to Explore the Best Russia Travel Packages

The best time to visit Russia is the spring season. The months of March to May have pleasant weather, making them suitable for planning a holiday in Russia. As a result, there are many affordable Russia tour packages available at this time. Those who enjoy winter sports can visit Russia between December and February when all of the lakes and rivers freeze and the area becomes suitable for ice skating and skiing. Summer in Russia lasts from June to August and is marked by extreme weather.