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It is always tough to make the choice of a perfect honeymoon destination. For most newlyweds, a honeymoon is an unforgettable trip of a lifetime with unlimited memories. If you are looking for a cherished honeymoon trip with the amalgamation of romantic vibes, memorable adventurous events, magical scenery, desert landscapes and luxury resorts, we assure you that Jordan is the best choice for a honeymoon destination. Our best and affordable Jordan honeymoon packages from UAE are the perfect way to start your life full of love and affection and have adorable moments together.

If you like sunsets with a splash of the sea, book a sunset sail on the Red Sea in Aqaba and end your romantic day sipping Jordanian wine while cruising the sapphire-coloured waters. The romantic places in Jordan, packed with plenty of recreations and romantic stay options, make for an adoring romantic escape. This honeymoon guide will assist you in planning your honeymoon in Jordan. 

Romantic Things to Do in Jordan with Our Classy Honeymoon Packages to Jordan from Dubai

The exquisite sunsets, thrilling outdoor adventures and soothing landscapes create a magical setting for making romantic episodes of your life with your other half. The list of things to do in Jordan goes on and on. Make sure that you spend ample time in Jordan rekindling the romance amidst the euphoric surroundings in this one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. 

1. Snorkelling and scuba diving in Aqaba

Watersports are always exhilarating and adventurous. But exploring the beauty of submarine life with your beloved is a romantic quotient. Even the Red Sea near Aqaba is a great place for couples on their honeymoon trip to Jordan to enjoy a variety of watersports. Romantic watersports in Aqaba include snorkelling the coral reefs of the Red Sea, deep-sea diving in the blue waters, fishing, and glass-bottom boating.

2. Intimate experiences in Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is the best tourist place in Jordan to experience desert camping and romantic dining under the stars with the Bedouins with someone special by your side to make your romance meter reach new heights. If you're lounging on the roof of Feynan Eco Lodge or cuddling in a bubble tent in Wadi Rum, star gazing will likely be one of your most memorable and romantic experiences in Jordan. You can also take a hot-air balloon ride over the Wadi Rum. You can request a private ride and any additional arrangements when booking Jordan honeymoon packages from Dubai with us.

Surprise your sweetheart by arranging a candlelit table in the dreamy setting of the golden desert sands of Wadi Rum. Other exciting and romantic things to do in Wadi Rum are watching traditional music & dance performances, riding a camel, trekking, and going for jeep safaris.

3. Hiking through Dana Biosphere Reserve

Dana Biosphere Reserve offers honeymooners to experience the wilderness. A canyon trail leads to the Siq, which is the main entrance to the ancient Nabatean city of Petra in southern Jordan after passing several Nabatean tombs. This fusion of ancient ruins and naturally charming landscape creates a romantic ambience for the couples on a Jordan honeymoon. Hiking with a loved one means sharing the adventures, encouraging each other up the steep incline, celebrating the accomplishment of reaching your destination and marvelling at the natural beauty you will encounter at each turn to have candid moments together.

4. Driving on the King’s Highway

The King Highway in Jordan offers beautiful views of the country. Couples can take a romantic drive along the King's Highway, which winds through the Wadi Wala valley and to the Shawbak and Karak castles. The views are strikingly amazing as the path takes the couples on their Jordan honeymoon trip, passing a few green patches in the dry valleys. The drive will offer you the chance to get closer to the land as well as the love of your life. 

5. Walking with hands clasped together through the ancient ruins and religious places

Jordan has a plethora of historical and religiously significant ancient sites. Taking a tour of these attractions with your significant other is one of the most loving stuff to do in Jordan. The following are some of the big attractions that you should not miss:

  • Amman is known for its Roman Theater, Hercules Temple, King Abdullah I Mosque, Umayyad Palace, and other fascinating attractions.
  • Jerash is a must-see destination for its well-preserved Greco-Roman ruins.
  • Bethany is symbolic of the place where Jesus was baptized.
  • Petra is famous for the UNESCO World Heritage Site Al-Khazneh and Petra cave sites in Jordan.

Other Exotic Places in Jordan

1. Amman

Apart from experiencing some stellar views of ancient ruins as a part of Jordan vacation packages, Amman has a dynamic side too for the love mates to be entertained on the honeymoon in Jordan. We are talking about the terrific nightlife of Amman. Nightclubs, discos, and lounges are very common in the capital city to enjoy with your partner. Couples can also visit shopping malls, open-air marketplaces called souks, and terrace cafes on romantic evenings out that are found in the city.

The best way to begin your romantic Jordan journey is to dine out together across the roof terraces of Amman. This double-level rooftop terrace is the ideal place to try some Jordanian wine while enjoying the view of mesmerizing sunset over the old city, with a casual-chic atmosphere and sweeping Citadel views.

2. Umm Qais

It is the only green town in the barren country that is bound to be a part of your Jordan honeymoon vacation packages. It offers beautiful views of Lake Tiberias, The Yarmouk River and the Golan Heights. It's also one of Jordan's best places for couples because of its early morning chill and twilight elegance. There are also the remains of the Decapolis city of Gadara, which should not be overlooked on your honeymoon trip. 

3. The Dead Sea

The thrill of floating in the Dead Sea's hyper-saline water tends to draw couples on their honeymoon in Jordan. However, this lowest point on Earth still has a thriving aquamarine ecosystem and mineral-rich mud that can be used for medicinal purposes. In addition, there are numerous romantic beach resorts along the coastal path. Book a sea view room at one of the 5-star hotels settled along the Dead Sea with our Jordan travel packages for honeymoon, or enjoy a night at the nearby Ma’in Hot Springs Spa, which offers a variety of relaxation options.

Soak in the tranquilly of the hot springs or cover your skin in mineral-rich mud before floating in the salty sea for natural and refreshing skin treatment. Make an appointment for a couple's massage and some private time to unwind. After that, celebrate your peace-loving day in paradise by watching the radiant sunset from the Panorama Complex. Celebrate the love with our best travel packages to Jordan from UAE for your honeymoon.

Best Honeymoon Resorts in Jordan

1. Crowne Plaza Jordan Dead Sea Resort & Spa

Crowne Plaza Jordan Dead Sea Resort & Spa is one of Jordan's most beautiful honeymoon resorts, with a boulevard that runs alongside the Dead Sea. The hotel features outdoor pools, an on-site restaurant, and private balconies with views of the beautiful gardens and the Dead Sea. It is a great choice for couples because of its proximity to Queen Alia International Airport and renowned tourist attractions such as Mount Nebo.

2. Jordan Valley Marriott Resort & Spa

The Jordan Valley Marriott Resort & Spa is a lavish resort that is beyond expectation. It is set in a picture-perfect position on the sandy shores of the magnificent Dead Sea, allowing couples to enjoy long secluded walks, breathtaking views, and top-notch services. There is a Dead Sea water pool within the resort where couples can laze and spend some time together. Explore the wide range of immensely opulent hotels in Jordan with our hotel booking services from the UAE at our portal.

3. Radisson Blu Tala Bay Resort

Radisson Blu Tala Bay Resort is one of Jordan's most dreamy honeymoon resorts. The resort, which is located by the glowing waters of the Read Sea, is the ideal place to relax after a day wrapped up in adventure and sightseeing. It has six different dining choices where you can enjoy delectable seafood as well as Jordanian and Italian cuisine while taking in the breathtaking views.

4. InterContinental Aqaba Resort

The InterContinental Aqaba Resort has a private white-sand beach on the Red Sea's turquoise waters. The views of the sea and the beach from the private balconies are stunning. Couples can also enjoy snorkelling and diving sessions at the resort, as well as day trips to Petra. Check out various Jordan travel deals on our travel packages from Dubai.

Tip for a Better Honeymoon Experience

The best time to spend the perfect vacation in Jordan is between March to May. The days are delightfully warm, and the nights are chilled. The Aqaba & Red Sea area is at its best from September to February. So, plan accordingly.

  • The main airports in Amman and Aqaba are well-connected to Dubai and other cities around the world.
  • Jordanian transportation options include buses, taxis, and rental cars for inter-city travel.
  • Six nights and seven days is the optimal and ideal duration to spend a honeymoon in Jordan. 
  • Dress in a modest manner. You should cover yourself from the head to the knees, particularly when visiting Jordan’s religious sites.
  • Do not harm the ancient ruins, relics, and other artefacts.
  • Explore all-inclusive honeymoon travel packages at our website as honeymoon packages come with many exclusive offers and huge discounts to save big.
  • During the month of Ramadan, it is not permitted to drink, eat, or smoke during daylight hours. You can, however, do so in your hotels.
  • We advise you to purchase locally produced goods and paintings as a remembrance.

Create the Trip of a Lifetime with Dusk Travel and Tourism

So what are you waiting for? Plan an international honeymoon trip to Jordan that you have always dreamed of doing. There is no better way to show love to someone special than embarking on a romantic holiday. Explore our list of Jordan vacation packages and Jordan honeymoon packages that tick off every point from your honeymoon planning checklist, all at the most affordable prices. Book the best travel packages to Jordan from UAE for a honeymoon with exciting discounts and offers.