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Many travellers forget Serbia as a travel destination. Many who have visited the southeastern European nation may have discovered the legendary nightlife of Belgrade, while others may have joined the group at Novi Sad's Exit Festival. Everyone wants a break from their daily routine to unwind, and what better way to do so than by spending your vacation in Serbia with the people you love, relishing delicious food, and making candid memories. Dusk Travel And Tourism offers the best Serbia tour package from Dubai, so get ready to spend the most peaceful vacation of your life.

Serbia is popularly known as the heart of the Balkans and a delightful destination for tourists because of its ancient history and flawless beauty. Enjoy stunning landscapes and the true beauty of Serbia. Every region of Serbia will leave an indelible impression on you that will last until your last breath. Every part of Serbia is beautiful and worth remembering, from breathtaking scenery to thrilling adventures.

Why Book Your Serbia Tour Packages With Dusk Travel and Tourism?

Do you want to plan a vacation to Serbia? Then there's no need to search any further as Dusk Travel and Tourism offers the best family trips, solo trips, and even romantic Serbia tour packages at a very reasonable cost. Plan your Serbia vacation packages with us to get the most out of your trip while remaining within your budget.

You can have the best vacation packages for trips to Serbia that suit your budget. Now is the time to book your vacation. Dusk Travel And Tourism will help you schedule your journey to Serbia from Dubai. It combines the thrills of exciting and entertaining experiences with the pleasures of sightseeing. Our Serbia tour packages include convenient stays in luxury hotels that are within your budget. Purchase our Serbia tour from Dubai and make the most of your time there.

Things to Know Before Travelling to Serbia From UAE

Best time to visit Serbia
The favourable and best time to visit Serbia is from March to May and then from September to October. It is the best time to take Serbia Tour Packages from Dubai.

Serbia is an expensive destination or not
Serbia is a budget-friendly travel destination, with restaurants and hotel stays that are affordable and do not put a strain on your wallet. You can also get exclusive deals on Serbia vacation packages with flight booking, hotel and sightseeing at Dusk Travel And Tourism.

The local currency in Serbia
Serbian Dinar is Serbia's official currency. You can also have your money exchanged at the Belgrade Airport. In most hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets, credit cards are accepted.

Language is spoken in Serbia
Serbian is the official language of the country. Hungarian, English, Croatian, Romanian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Bosnian, and other languages are also widely spoken in Serbia.

Visa to go to Serbia
UAE Citizens do not require a visa to enter and stay in Serbia for around 90 days. You just need to look at the perfect Dubai to Serbia package and get ready for the fun ahead.

Does Serbia experience snow?
Mountains in Serbia experience heavy snowfall from the month of December to March. Many tourists select their Serbia tour packages in these months to enjoy the beautiful snow.

Seven Best Places to Visit in Serbia

1. Belgrade
Belgrade, Serbia's capital, is a captivating metropolis steeped in culture and history. The city has a large fortress, orthodox churches, vibrant facades, and gleaming structures. It's also known for its lively nightlife and delectable cuisine. Most Serbia vacation packages include a visit to this breathtaking area. What better place to begin than Belgrade, Serbia's beautiful capital? Kalemegdan, the famous fortress enclosing the city's finest park and concealing museums and monuments, is the highlight of every visit to the city. The most romantic location in the capital, as well as centuries of war and turmoil, can be found here. Kalemegdan is a must-see for anyone visiting Belgrade.

The vast Kalemegdan Park and lofty fortress give fantastic views of Serbia's dynamic capital, which straddles the combination of the Danube and Sava rivers. Belgrade has unmistakable energy, particularly in its thriving café culture. The vibrant nightlife along the Sava and Danube rivers, where floating clubs and bars hug the riverbanks, is a must-see for visitors. Along the way, you'll pass by the lively nightclubs of Savamala. Meanwhile, Skadarlija, Belgrade's closest thing to a touristy neighbourhood, features 19th-century cobblestone streets lined with restaurants and bars that hum to a live folk music soundtrack. Experience the best of Serbia with Serbia tour packages.

2. Church of St. Sava
If Kalemegdan is the highlight of a trip to the capital, the Church of St. Sava is hard to beat when it comes to architecture. This is true both literally and metaphorically, as the monolithic structure dominates the cityscape. The massive church, which was built on the site where St. Sava's relics were burned by the invading Ottomans, every bit as intimidating as a house of God should be. It is the highlight of many Serbia tour packages.

3. Novi Sad
Novi Sad is known as the "Serbian Athens" because of its long history as a cultural and educational hub. It's fine neoclassical buildings and café-filled squares show its Habsburg heritage. One of the key hubs is Trg Slobode (or Freedom Square), where the impressive neo-Renaissance City Hall competes for publicity with the striking Roman Catholic cathedral and the nice pedestrian area's cafés. Dunavska is a pedestrian-only street with pastel-coloured Baroque townhouses that lead to the cool greenery of Dunavski Park. Nothing beats grabbing a sun lounger on the Danube beach by Most Slobode on a hot day (Freedom Bridge).

4. Kopaonik National Park
Serbs like to ski and snowboard in the country's largest mountain range and largest ski resort throughout the winter. Ravni Kopaonik, the main ski centre, is located at an elevation of 5,577 feet, and Paniev vrh, the highest station, at 6,614 feet. Cross-country skiing is also available on 11 kilometres of trails. Although Ravni Kopaonik has many hotels, many visitors prefer to stay in Brzee, a nearby village with a cable car connection to the mountains. After the snow melts, the chair lifts continue to operate as the national park remains active, drawing outdoor enthusiasts who want to explore the mountains on foot or by mountain bike. Bird watching is also a common activity that tourists prefer while booking the Serbia vacation packages.

5. Devil's Town 
One of the more peculiar natural phenomena you're likely to see in Serbia is located deep in the country's south. Devil's Town is home to 202 unique rock formations that were formed naturally by erosion, some of which are as tall as 66 feet. A mushroom-shaped slab of rock is affixed to the majority of them. A set of wooden observation platforms overlook Devil's Town, which is located on the wooded slope of Mount Radan in the municipality of Kurumlija. Mineral springs and a 13th-century gold mine can be found on the way to the towers.

6. Zlatar
The stunning Zlatar Mountain Range is a naturalist's dream destination. It is the ideal spot for inhaling pure mountain air and taking in the sights of green meadows, streams, valleys, and woods. One of the best places to visit in Zlatar is the Uvac Meanders Nature Reserve. This lovely nature reserve is one of the last natural habitats for the endangered Griffon Vulture. Boating, rafting, and fishing are among the activities available in Zlatar.

7. Sirogojno
The Sirogojno is an open-air museum with traditional Serbian inns, bakeries, and a dairy farm. It's a perfect place to unwind and explore the local drinks and cuisine. If you're in Sirogojno, don't forget to try some 'Rakija,' Serbian brandy. It is the most important inclusion in Serbia packages from Dubai.

Serbia's landscapes range from the limitless plains of Vojvodina in the north, the country's breadbasket and wine cellar, to the majestic mountains and gorges of the country's national parks in the south, west, and east. Dusk Travel and Tourism go beyond the usual Dubai to Serbia packages to create unforgettable experiences.