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If you're planning an amazing trip and are excited to discover some of the best destinations, you have every excuse to glance at Armenia. Featuring a plethora of tourist attractions, the beauty of Armenia is a paradise with the spectacular landscapes, fascinating world-famous architecture, miraculous views of mountains, the scenery or the variety of daring activities. 

The beauty of Armenia is blessed with titillating natural, historical, and cultural landscapes. Armenia endows endless fascinating attractions to the inquisitive and adventurous tourists. With a wealth of mountains, rivers, and waterfalls to enjoy along with beautiful villages, monasteries, and forts to discover, the country will always impress. Explore the 10 breathtaking Armenia beautiful places that are must-visits.

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Top 10 most Beautiful Places in Armenia

Visit the Classic Garni Temple 

The majority of tourists enjoy beautiful Armenia by making their way to the villages. If you are looking for the best village to explore in Armenia, Garni is the golden option for you. Situated in the Kotayk Province, Garni is the most talked-about beauty of Armenia for featuring the classical temples and other popular attractions. They include the ruined Khumarazham Church, The Havuts Tar Monastic Complex, and lots more.
Things to Do in Garni Temple: Visit Garni Gorge, Geghard Monastery, etc.
Best Time to Visit Garni: All months

Visit the Mystery Place Karahunj

Situated 200 km from the country's capital of Armenia, Karahunj is the next village you will come across when looking for the most visited places in Armenia. Visitors who flock to this place get confused by the mystery of the 200 stones, each of which has holes with a diameter of 5 cm. For many scientists, this is a mystery in terms of its origin, use, sources, etc.

Things to Do in Karahunj: Pay a visit to Khndzoresk Swinging Bridge; Medieval Goris Cave Dwellings, etc.
Best Time to Visit Karahunj: All months

Enjoy Incredible Architecture in Yerevan

While talking about the exhilarating places to visit in Armenia, it’s the capital city, Yerevan, that came into existence in 782 BC. Visiting Yerevan always revitalizes tourists, whether they pay a visit here for the first time or several times. The city is famous for brilliant world-famous architecture, which visitors cannot afford to miss. Yerevan is also known as ‘the city of the cafes,’ and is home to many restaurants, cosy cafes, parks, etc.

Things to Do in Yerevan: Visit Armenian Genocide Museum, Republic Square, Yerevan Cascade, etc.
Best Time to Visit Yerevan: December to February

Behold the Beauty of Lake Sevan

Another beautiful Armenia destination is the Sevan that is glorified with the incredible beauty revived by the Lake Sevan that pleases Armenia tourists' minds. Visitors seeking to romp a real natural beauty should visit Lake Sevan, located 66 km from Yerevan. It is among the world's largest freshwater lakes.

Lake Sevan is famously known as the Pearl of the Armenian Nature due to its dazzling clear and blue water. You can enjoy cruising, BBQ, have a pleasant glimpse of the lively scenery, and lots more.

Things to Do in Lake Sevan: Pay a visit to Sevan Island, Sevanavank, Hayravank Monastery, etc.
Best Time to Visit Lake Sevan: Midsummer and winter seasons.

Explore the Unexplored Shikahogh State Reserve

Shikahogh State Reserve is one of Armenia's beautiful places. It is the second-largest forest reserve of Armenia. Covered with verdant mountains, Shikahogh State Reserve contains 1,100 species of plants. If you love animals and nature, then Shikahogh State Reserve has lots to offer for you. The forest is a habitat of wild goats, bears, leopards, etc. The Shikahogh State Reserve also has some beautiful waterfalls to enjoy here.

Things to Do in Shikahogh Reserve: Watch animals, Mount Khustup, etc.
Best Time to Visit Shikahogh Reserve: Throughout the year

Engross Into the Natural Beauty of Jermuk

The mild climate, healing mineral water, and marvellous natural beauty make Jermuk the most beautiful place in Armenia. Jermuk is a mountain spa town situated in the province of Vayots Dzor. It's extremely popular with locals and visitors. 

Visiting Jermuk may not be complete without seeing the magnificent view of Jermuk Waterfall, Armenia's second-largest waterfall. The water dropping from a height of 70 m gives you an exhilarating feeling entranced in the melody of nature.

Things to Do in Jermuk: Pay a visit to Mineral water gallery, waterfall etc.
Best Time to Visit Jermuk: Throughout the year

Discover Peaceful Moments in Dilijan National Park

The Dilijan National Park, established in 2002, is another delightful place for Armenia tourists to explore medicinal mineral water springs, natural monuments, and much more. Having an exciting glance of beautiful Armenia's culture draws the attention of the many tourists. Dilijan National Park is the best destination to explore the beauty of Armenia. The park features many cultural sites such as Goshavank Monastery, Jukhtak Vank, Haghartsin Monastery, etc.

Things to Do in Dilijan National Park: Pay a visit to Matosavank, Lake Park, etc.
Best Time to Visit Dilijan National Park: Throughout the year.

Behold an Incredible Beauty of Mount Aragats

Another most visited beauty of Armenia; Mount Aragats welcomes tourists from all over the world, especially nature enthusiasts who seek to contemplate the striking beauty of nature. Mount Aragats is Armenia's highest peak, allowing you to enjoy many rock arts, including human paintings, animal paintings, etc., dating back to about 100 years.

Snow-covered peaks enhance the beauty of Mount Aragats to give an amazing experience to those who love adventure and enjoy climbing. Those who want to ascend the mountain smoothly can select the southernmost peak, while others who enjoy challenges can go for the northern peak.

Things to Do in Mount Aragats: Explore Arshakid Mausoleum, Alphabet Park, etc.
Best Time to Visit Mount Aragats: Throughout the year

Behold the Beauty of Marmot Qar Waterfall

You can also see several lesser-discovered areas on your trip to Armenia, apart from top-notch Armenia beautiful places. One of the places you'll come across is the iconic Mamrot Qar Waterfall. It is located in Nagorno-Karabakh. The umbrella shape of the waterfall gives tourists a fully rejuvenating experience. Marmot Qar Waterfall is one of the most visited natural attractions in Armenia. So, you can never miss an enthralling sight of such an extraordinary gift of nature.

Things to Do in Mamrot Qar Waterfall: Catch sight of exotic waterfalls.
Best Time to Visit Mamrot Qar Waterfall: Throughout the year.

Explore Tatev Monastery

Located about 253 km from Yerevan, Tatev is another exciting place to explore during your Armenian travel. This location is easily accessible to visitors – all you need to do is hire a taxi from Yerevan and get to this place. Visiting the Tatev Monastery helps you to explore the beautiful medieval structure built around the 9th century AD.

Beautifully adorned with a peasant scenery and complemented by a mountainous landscape, the Tatev Monastery has every reason to draw tourists to enjoy the fantastic view. To get to this location, you can take the cable cars, which are considered the longest cable car in the world.

Things to Do in Tatev Monastery: Visit the church, monastic complex; etc.
Best Time to Visit Tatev Monastery: Throughout the year.