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The Theatre of Digital Art at Madinat Jumeirah is the latest inclusion to Dubai's cultural landscape, giving popular artwork a modern twist through advanced technology and immersive storytelling. Multimedia exhibits, contemporary interactive installations, and augmented reality art are all part of the theatre's digital art programme. The theatre, which is 1,800 square metres in area, features digital shows of classical art that are accompanied by music, visual effects, and surround sound. This Theatre of Digital Art, Dubai travel guide will assist you in planning a visit to the breathtaking digital artwork show with us at best offers.

The digital art exhibition in Dubai showcases the artworks of nine famous artists, including Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, Wassily Kandinsky and more. There are several parts which tourists can explore. This includes traditional and classical art exhibitions, a modern digital art zone, hands-on exhibits for children, and a virtual reality area. Let us start the travel guide for Theatre of Digital Art.

Theatre Of Digital Art, Dubai

TODA is one of the first and very unique Theatre of Digital Art in the UAE for DIGITAL ART Shows that offers tourists experience art in a different way from what they usually see. Its uniqueness lies in the ultra-modern, innovative way of discovering iconic masterpieces created by the world's most famous artists and contemporary digital artists. TODA's stunning multimedia art show incorporates high-end technologies, animated graphics, stunning music, surround sound, multi-sensory visual effects, and much more.

TODA’s magical art area covers over 1,800 m2 with installed large HD screen projection all over the walls, floor and ceiling with a quality surround sound. The 360-degrees projection of digital images on all the surrounding surfaces creates a unique digital art exhibition space that immerses audiences in immersive artwork. Visitors to ToDA in UAE will also experience a variety of motivational and exciting events, such as live concerts, painting masterclasses, virtual reality (VR) technology, and spectacular performances.

The Digital Art Show creates a unique environment of glamorous beauty that is fully spectacular and interactive with the audience and completely imbibed by the eyes of each tourist. Each visitor feels absolutely dissolved at the experienced mirage of gaming colours and amazing surround music in the digital art exhibition in Dubai.

It is located in Souk Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai. ToDA, a digital art exhibition, aimed to become one of the city's landmarks, increasing Dubai's popularity as a tourist destination and drawing more visitors.

Theatre of Digital Art Dubai Ticket Price

  • Children below 3 years of age: free of charge
  • Regular Child Pass (3 to15 years): 45 AED (including Kids Interactive room “Draw Alive”)
  • Regular Adult Pass: 75 AED
  • Balcony Children (3 to 15 years): 75 AED (including Virtual Reality (VR) room experience, Kids Interactive room “Draw Alive” as well as beverages)
  • Balcony Adults: 150 AED (including Virtual Reality (VR) room experience with beverages)

With ToDA's Draw Alive experience, kids can see their drawings come to life.

With the interactive virtual drawing game, ToDA Dubai creates artistic and engaging opportunities for children and families in Dubai that transport them into fantastic worlds of storey and discovery. The activities are intended to expand children's imaginations while teaching science concepts. Children will watch their drawings float, fly, and move around in a virtual environment after the scan of your drawings. It's one of our exclusive and exciting tour attraction packages designed specifically for kids. It's a big hit with our little tourists!

Get to Know Theatre of Digital Art Timings

Visit dates should be confirmed with us 24 hours before entry. However, for last-minute booking and to confirm the visit dates, please contact us by Chat on the website or WhatsApp help (+971524862748) to confirm your booking dates after processing payments.

ToDA Dubai welcomes its visitors daily from 12.00 PM to 11.00 PM.

Digital Art Show: Monet to Kandinsky.

Digital Art show: Revolutionary Art

Digital Art Show: The Impressionists

Every hour one of the above shows is shown for 45 minutes.

Showtimes will be determined based on seat availability when you arrive.

How to Reach Theatre of Digital Art in Dubai?

Option 1: Public Transport

You can use Public transport in Dubai if you are travelling by yourself.


Step 1: Take the Dubai Metro to reach the Mall of the Emirates Station. It is the 32nd Station on the Red Line of the Dubai Metro Network and closest to Madinat Jumeirah.

Step 2. From the Mall of the Emirates station, book a taxi to Souk Madinat Jumeirah. The distance to reach Souk Madinat from here is only 2.8 kilometres. 


Bus: 8 (From Dubai Marina), 81 (from MOE), 93 (Al Ghubaiba road; Satwa), F55A (From The Walk At Jumeirah Beach Residence), X28 (From Deira City Centre Metro Station), BigBus Dubai.

Option 2: A Car or Taxi

You can avail our best transfer booking services in Dubai. 

For more additional information and group bookings, please contact us on Whatsapp +971524862748 or communicate with Chat on our site.

VR Room Experience

In ToDA, you can experience the advanced VR technologies that entertain and elevate your creativity with three-dimensional strokes, stars, and light. The future of entertainment has arrived in Dubai with ToDA's Virtual room to experience virtual reality. 

The Theatre of Digital Art Dubai visitors come here to encounter full virtual immersion and, via their headsets, will be transported into the recreated studios of artists Goncharova and Malevich and inside of Edvard Munch's secret painting “The Scream” and “Morning in a Pine Forest” by Ivan Shishkin.

Why You Should Visit the Theatre of Digital Art in Dubai?

Whether you love art or simply want to indulge in a new interactive experience, you can’t miss Theatre of Digital Art, a new highlight on the Dubai art scene. 

Discover art like never before
A visit inside the Theatre of Digital Art makes you know about the biographies of nine different artists. Immerse yourself in their unique artwork that transformed the art of during their time. Claude Monet, Georges Seurat, Paul Cézanne, Juan Gris, Robert Delaunay, Vincent Van Gogh, Edvard Munch, Paul Klee, and Wassily Kandinsky had their own distinct artistic style and world-famous paintings, which you can see in the digital exhibition.

Enjoy interactive experience
Although we are accustomed to visiting an art gallery or museum without engaging with a piece of art, ToDA provides a completely different experience. Visitors are encouraged to take a seat and enjoy and walk around to take photographs of the show. By getting entertained in the digital art show, one can feel to be a part of it.

Try your Artistic skill
In the Virtual Reality room, visitors can test their skill by playing one of four interactive games. The futuristic technology will transport ToDA tourists to the virtual reality studios of four artists: Munch, Malevich, Shishkin, and Goncharova.

Activities for the entire family
What's great inside the Theatre of Digital Art is that it is entertaining for all groups of ages. While everyone enjoys the show equally, the adult visitors enjoy the virtual reality room, while the young children can enjoy the kids hall, where they can build an animal and watch it come to life on the digital screen.

Click stunning photos
If you're a social media addict or just enjoy taking beautiful pictures, posing in front of the massive colourful screens with your favourite artists' artworks will be a blast. There are so many different angles to shoot from, and nothing compares to those stunning silhouette shots.

Find a special gift
ToDA's gift shop has a wide variety of art-related items, from art books to tea sets. You will undoubtedly find a unique present for your loved ones.

Have you been to ToDA? What is inside the Theatre of Digital Art? If you have still not experienced it, then you have every reason to book a ticket for Theatre of Digital Art in Dubai with us and experience the amazing world of virtual reality. So what are you waiting for? Book online at best prices in Dubai on