Since the end of 2019, the entire country seems to have an absolute lockdown, which the world has never seen before. With more than three months of full travel restrictions worldwide, the International Air Transport Association agreed to resume flights from July. However, the continuation of aviation would not mean a return to the pre-Covid-19 standards.

With this convenience of travel restrictions, many new and stringent travel guidelines have been issued for the entire world. However, all passengers flying to and from anywhere globally can testify that air travel has dramatically changed and probably forever.

Everything you need to know regarding the International Travel Standards if you are planning to fly by airline sooner, please bear in mind that you meet the following guidelines.


Getting to the airport from your place of origin

Let us look at some of the considerations you need to bear in mind when you fly from your home/hotel/office to the airport.

Upload your luggage tags and identity numbers. Print the same thing and stick it to your baggage.

Please note that at the moment you could only bring one handbag and one check-in luggage. However, more independence is expected to be given in the near future in this respect.

You must wear all security clothing, such as masks and gloves, when entering the airport terminal. Do not remove your face masks at any time along your journey.

Reach the terminal at least 2 hours before the departure time of your flight. Due to the additional directions, check-in and boarding can take much longer.

Individuals who live in isolated areas or who are confirmed positive for the virus are prohibited from flying on flights for the whole term. Boarding a flight by disobeying one of these rules can lead to serious criminal prosecution.

But now that you've managed to enter the airport by implementing international travel restrictions, you need to proceed to the terminal building. Doing this involves you to obey additional guidelines.

Guidelines for entry to the terminal building

After reaching an airport from your home/hotel/office, a few more travel guidelines added up which needed to be followed.  

Get off the car whilst you're wearing safety gear to ensure you get all the appropriate documentation on your devices.

Enter the thermal inspection area by the entrance gate and undergo a thermal scan. 

Then, switch to the CISF booth and show your ID and boarding pass to access the terminal premises.

Upon check-in, you will receive an SMS confirmation of receipt of your luggage. Generally, this confirmation is given on document to travelers.

Guidelines for procedures via airport security

Each airport will provide security screening facilities prior to departure of the airline. You will need to obey all orders in an orderly way. There is no reason for fear, as security officials can follow a contactless protocol even when doing physical checks on a passenger.


Guidelines for security holding areas

If the airport security is complete, you can continue to the holding room. Follow these instructions when you get to this place:

Maintain social distances with other travellers who are waiting for their planes.

Avoid seating on chairs labelled 'not for use' to hold a desirable distance from others.

If you wish to visit F&B outlets, please ensure that you follow sufficient sanitization and social distancing requirements.

Disposal of all used wipes, napkins, gloves and masks in sealed yellow disposable containers.

Guidelines for the boarding of flights


You're finally able to board your flight after these steps. Even then, make sure you follow the following precautions:

You've got to pick face masks, face shields and sanitizers from the boarding doors. Carry a mask and a shield, and clean your hands properly before getting on the flight.

Passengers can self-scan their boarding pass to minimize interaction with airline employees.

Passengers will board the aircraft in an organized manner, minimizing any concussion in the process.


Guidelines regarding follow-up after take-off

You must follow the safety protocols and throughout the flight has been taken off. Here are a few ways you can defend yourself from the virus in such a situation.

As much as possible, try to avoid face-to-face encounters.

Restrict the use of the washing facilities and stay seated for as much of the flight as possible.

Initially, airlines would not deliver any meals on flights. You can get bottles of water, though.

No food intake on flights is approved.

Guidelines on de-boarding

Once the aircraft has reached its destination, travellers will need to de-board the same way they have boarded. Ensure that you still uphold social expectations of distance and adequate sanitation at this point of the journey. Use trolleys only when absolutely required, because they can hold germs left behind by their last customers.

The bottom line is 

The International Civil Aviation Organization announced a series of guidelines for air travel due to Covid-19. Social distancing, the use of approved taxis for commuting and the expanded use of digital payments are some of the criteria set forth by ICAO that need to be adopted. If you are planning to travel sooner, check out Dusk Travel and Tourism website for attractive deals and offers.

In the coming days, demand for flights will increase, but services will remain uncertain for various reasons. For example, if a passenger in a positive Coronavirus test, the other passengers will have to undergo quarantine and checks. Besides, such situations can lead to delays or cancellations, which can complicate the timetable. To travel hassles free and securely book your trip with Dusk Travel and Tourism .

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