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You are worried about what to carry on your long trip journey? Packing can be a little bit of tough and confusing work to do when there's a bunch of clothing and gadgets to manage in a limited space. Knowing to pack your bag isn't an easy task. Don't worry! We are here to help you out with your backpack for your long trip.

Use our ultimate packing checklist and prepare yourself with all the belonging, and get carried away with your comfort and adventures in your journey. Whether it's hiking in the mountains or a trip to beaches with your friends and friends, learn about all the items to carry right at the time.

Do documents consider having with you?

Planning to travel abroad. What's the most important thing you can't get far without? The answer couldn't be any clothes or any gadgets, but it's more often about important papers and the documents.

From Id/ passports to your licenses is the thing we recommend you to have all the time. Before travelling, it's as important to check the validity and to license your documents. You can place your important documents and papers in a special travel bag.

Worried about the documents to keep in hand!


A passport is needed when travelling abroad. It is always considered appropriate to double-check your passport expiry date and all the validity and licensing so you can better receive a new one or renew your previous one in time before your travel.

Banks and credit card companies

It's as important to inform your credit card companies about your travel plans just if they don't turn off your card services when you are way off enjoying your holidays and making transactions somewhere outside the place. However, we recommend not always rely on credit cards and always keep some cash ready with you.


We always recommend you to carry along the local currency of the region you are travelling to. Be it Euros or any other currency, count on how much to spend and keep the cash in hand by knowing about the currency conversion ratio.

What extra could you carry:

Tickets for flight, train, bus.

Most airlines and transportation services tend to register a traveller with their passports or licenses. Still, it's however important to keep the printed copy of the tickets for flights or buses.

Hotel Bookings

Having proper hotel bookings in advance can save you a lot of time. Either you can just display the booking on your smartphone or give the main copy of the bookings. 

Driving license

If you are driving in a foreign place, you can drive in with a national driver's license. Take two driving licenses, both national and international.

Passport copies

Print the copies of the travel documents page, especially when it comes to passport. Have a backup ready of these printed copies on your Email in case you lost the manual printings.

Take in your luggage, your important items, papers, loaders, and gadgets.

How to get going with a safe trip?

You cannot just sum up the maps, routes in your mind, and keep remembering all those tough routes and places to visit. Why bother keeping a map or a guide book. Having access to GPS, with the developing technology, makes your smartphones help you travel around a city. Get a phone which has the features of:

Maps that work without the Internet, 

Offline translator,

Reading maps and guide books,

Both easy to use and convenient,

Has a flight search application, lodging, and road rental application.

Don't forget it at home!

Charger and mobile

It becomes such a mess when your phone runs out of battery. Bring along a portable charger on an extra phone to help you along with your journey.

Hard disc

You can keep a hard disc to be a part of your essential backpack, just in case your smartphone runs out of memory, and it becomes a problem to store all the data in a place.

Travel Iron

Many hotels provide irons at a price to get rid of these wrinkled clothes. You won't need iron if you place stuff in a suitcase in rolls and hang them on the hangers or in a way that your clothes won't become a mess when opened in a hotel. 

Electric kettle

Not all hotels provide you with electric kettles. If you love making noodles and instant items, it's important to have an electric kettle along with you.

Universal Adapter

On a journey to visit across countries, we recommend you not to forget buying a universal adapter. Charge your laptop's, phone, and many more accessories with an easily accessible EU adapter. 

Music Player

We all love listening to songs on our journey. Why tag along with a big music player when you have a smartphone to play your favourite music all time.

eBook and in-flight entertainment

Do you love reading to pass out the time? Why carry those large bundles of books with you? Just Install a reader app on your mobile and download books to avoid unnecessary items.

How to make your journey more comfortable?

Proper comfort and being tension free for most of the time makes it easier to enjoy our journey. But looking at many items and heavy suitcases hanging around a person makes travelling a hell of a task to deal with. Bookmark our list of items to carry with you all along in your journey.

Household items to Carry along:


It's usual to carry a small bag around to take and place all the small items you need to walk around the town. 

Notepad and pen

You can use an electronic pen on your mobile to replace your usual notebook if you don't plan to draw city sketches of palm trees during the sunset.


There couldn't be anything much worrying than forgetting your medicines back at your home. Keep an extra set of required medicines right with you, and don't forget to have them in your travel plans.

Map and ebooks

On your mobile, put software with maps: this shows you where you are going and what extra places you can visit.

Download all readings and guides to your mobile and keep yourself busy with the times 

Mask for sleep, earplugs

Some hotels may provide such accessories along with their package, but you won't mind keeping an extra pair to have a good sleep without interruptions.


Most hotels give the towel. If you'd like to take your own suitcase and not overload it, check out the microfiber towels more closely: they are both quick and compact.


Keep yourself occupied with a phrasebook or any electronic phrasebook and spend a pleasant time on your flight reading. Limit yourself to several phrasebooks, and don't make it heavier to carry.

What items to carry for cosmetics and hygiene on a journey

One thing you do regret is to forget your toiletries. You are never sure that you're going to get it availed locally or not with the right kind of products you are looking for. Keep your cosmetics and essentials on board. From brush to combs and moisturizers, double-check your necessities before leaving your place.


Hygiene and cosmetics for the trip

Brush and Toothpaste

If you are afraid that electric toothbrushes will make your pack heavier, you can buy both Toothpaste and a brush locally. Take a small or half-used tube, or either way, purchase a new one. 

Wet wipes

Take wet wipes in your baggage as it is easy to Carry along in flights.

Gel Disinfectant

Relax and always wash hands with soap and water if you lose your sanitizer.


The better way to pick sun cream in a bottle with a screw cap is not to squeeze it out in a tight suitcase.


Worried about your skin may get damaged with the dryness. Carry a bottle of moisturizer with you that has both SPF and sun protection in it.


Just a tiny bottle that's both easy to keep and hassle-free with a great fragrance for travelling.

Foam for and aftershave

Locally available shaving materials. Using soap or shower gel as the final resort.


We'd recommend you to bring your essential hair products with you for your healthy and safe lifestyle. If you have enough space, you can bring and tag it along with you or just buy it whenever available.

Shampoo and conditioner

Both bulky and space-consuming can make your backpack seems full. Carry small-sized bottles for it and make sure it doesn't get squeezed in the way.

Clothing and shoes for your trip?

Looking at the types of activities you could be doing during your vacation gives us more of a reason to always prepare you with a good kind of clothes that could be used in real-time no matter what the weather is. Getting ready with the right gear of clothing items makes it more of a hassle-free trip to enjoy.

Clothes and shoes for travel

T-shirt / blouse

Suits / pants / Jeans

Always carry a combined layer of clothes, both light wear and winter wear. Checking the weather and preparing along with the journey always comes in handy in time.

Jacket/ Hoodies

You never know what comes up next when forecasting the weather. From a sunny day to a cool breeze of cold wind, it's always ideal for packing up a pair of winter and warm clothes.


Do make space to pack your underwear. Even in case, these do get dirty; you can always wash them off and have a new one ready to wear on.


Pack a pair of socks to protect your feet from getting damaged due to long walks. Do keep a pair of winter socks when planning to go on vacation to a winter place.

Every day comfortable shoes.

Wondering what you could be doing in places, whether it might be hiking, walking, running, or jogging, don't forget to carry a pack of good quality comforting shoes that are both comfortable and light in weight.

Accessories to tag along;

Like water bottle, neck scarf, sleeping bag, etc.

Pyjamas / Homewear

Bring pyjamas to feel at home in any hotel.


Jacket to pack in your bag that saves your space.


Ever expect rainfall on a sunny day? You never know when it's gonna rain just right above you. Keep a raincoat along with you.


For the beach, pool, and sometimes for the shower in the room, flip-flops are required. You can buy on-site at resort locations or just bring it with you.


What can you have on a trip with your kids?

Pack your child's suitcase with clothing and shoes. Whenever possible, choose fast-drying materials and less clothing. Consider essentials like food, clothing, and wipes of a kid. Think of what the kids' on the road would do. It isn't that expensive to travel with a small child; all it takes is a small set of essentials required on a long way journey. It's important to keep anything closer together you need when travelling with a child.

Things for children to keep along with

Exactly needed:

  • Trousers / pants / jeans            
  • Wet wipes
  • First aid kit for children
  • Soap baby, shampoo, brush and Toothpaste, cream.
All cosmetic products for children can potentially be purchased on-site, but the regular ones are better for the infant. Small packages will lighten your baggage's weight.

Spare set of clothes

Don't forget to take additional clothes in your bag during your flight: kids get filthy at the most unexpected moment.


Many take children's underwear depending on how many days they travel. However, some parents do not carry for the same.


Bring a couple of warm socks, even though you head to the sea.

Sun hat

Protect face and head from harmful Uv rays with a sun hat. Caps aren't that expensive to buy. Get them attached to the side of your bag and use them whenever necessary.

Diapers & Snacks

No one can understand infants and small children. The way they make their way to being hungry at every minute of the clock. It always is the best decision to carry apples, kitchen biscuits, or other snacks, baby food for children below 2 years of age in a small handbag.

What may come in handy


Baby carriage

Nail scissors


Toys and books


Warm jackets and pants

Disposable papers

Waterproof sheets

Powder and cream

Bottom Line

If it's your first trip or just a quick trip to a family, you need to do a lot, and you're nice to go. Either way, if you want a smooth and safe ride, it's crucial to take care of all key resources.

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