If you have ended up here, you have probably travelled by air which makes you ask this question. You also must have known and noticed how all airline companies strongly focus on their airplane flight security and safety policies and implement rules and regulations very strictly. Air travel is as dangerous as convenient it is, and they take it into their prime concerns to avoid the slightest chance of accidents. 

Airlines have specific rules and regulations for passengers that everyone should strictly follow, and there are also certain things they do that might not come to your notice right away or might not seem usual. Still, nothing in a flight is done for no reason. 

If you have been on flights multiple times, you must have noticed how the attendants always raise the window shades during take-off and landing. Passengers very frequently ask about why it is done.  

Safety First 

The reason behind this is pretty impressive. It is for your safety! You'd ask why. Now, this is because the take-off and landing are the most dangerous parts of the flight. It is a rule for window blinds to be opened during take-off and landing. If you don't follow it, you might have to hear a little bit about it. This is done to help the passengers adjust to the lighting conditions and situation outside before they land or take off so, in case of anything going wrong, they can be more alert and would be able to react quickly. 

Think of it, and if you didn't have the blinds open in case of an emergency. You would open them anyway to see what's going on outside. Otherwise, you wouldn't have an idea.  

Cabin Crew’s Preference

However, this is not the only one factor why window shades are raised. It is also for the help of the cabin crew. The cabin crew prefer if they can look outside during landings and take-offs so if a wing or engine starts acting up, they can see it before the consequences are strong enough to disrupt the flight while in air. 

If passengers need to be evacuated in case of a grave situation, having the window shades open would help the crew decide faster, where would it be the safest to evacuate the passengers from? 

Airport Emergency Services also prefer the window shades to be kept open in case of airplane flight security for a fire or any emergency of the like so that they can spot signs of danger on board quickly and act accordingly. 

The reason for raising the window shades is pretty simple and based on the travel security guidelines for airplane travel. Of course, risks cannot be eradicated, and there's always a little bit of it present in any situation or  in any mode of transport you opt for. Taking small steps to ensure things thoroughly is a wise thing to do, hence. 

Why Are The Lights Dimmed Out?

You must have noticed how lights are dimmed out in flights during taking off and landing as well. This is also done for a similar reason. The lights inside the flight are usually bright LEDs. When you switch from such bright lights to daylight or darkness, it takes a while to adjust to the new lighting conditions. So right before take-off and landing, the lights are dimmed out to help the passengers adapt to the new lighting conditions faster if there is an emergency, and they might need to be evacuated. 

Like we already mentioned, these are small measures, and one might wonder what the relevance is. You might think that flights don't malfunction very often, but well, what's the harm in trying travel security guidelines for airplane travel to be safe?

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And as for window shades and lights, remember to listen to instructions and follow them all well before beginning your journey. Prevention is better than cure, so never be too sure and too safe.