Dusk Travels and Tourism LLC provides the best transfer booking services in Dubai. It allows you to travel with only the desired company or even by yourself. It gives you complete privacy and full control about where one wants to go, or the route one wants to take. Since it's a personally tailored vehicle service, you can even make desired stops in between if required. We send over luxurious private cars with chauffeurs that attend to your every need and take you to and fro wherever you want to go without any hassle. We promise you a comfortable and reliable ride. Trust is always the primary motto of Dusk Travel and Tourism LLC. All our chauffeurs are trained and trusted so you would be in good hands to enjoy your trip freely. Our transfer booking service in Dubai offers transfer arrangements based on the route of transfer, from/to the transport hub, intercity, transfer to and transfer from sightseeing locations, pick-ups from the airport. Factors that weigh into the transfer booking are the purpose of transfer, tourism, business, the total number of tourists traversing from one place to the other, individual (one person or family), group (more than four people). Transfer:Individual Transfer Dusk Travels and Tourism LLC understands the need of not wanting to load a vehicle full of strangers or wait long for a vehicle to come to assist you in your travels. Therefore, we arrange for individual transfer booking in Dubai for our customers with different cars to their liking. One might want privacy while travelling and prefer not to wait around for a vehicle to come to pick them up. We are here to look into all these needs and we can offer different cars that will take you to your desired locations safely and comfortably. Vip Transfer:Our VIP transfer booking is for the high-class customers who are provided with the most luxurious Grade-A cars such as Mercedes S Class, BMW 7 Series & Lexus ES350. These opulent vehicles will surely offer the most comfort with facilities that cannot easily be found in other cars. We give our VIP customers luxury cars of their choice to pick them up from their location and take them to and fro from one place to another to the destination of their choice. Our VIP transfer provides the most comfortable rides with trained and mannered chauffeurs that see your private needs to assure you a pleasant journey.

Chauffeurs:Along with the car service, we also provide transfer booking in Dubai with chauffeurs to take you from one place to another. These chauffeurs are highly trained to satisfy the needs of the customer and give you a safe and comfortable journey to your destination. They will come and pick you up in your desired car and take you to your destination with utmost ease giving you a pleasant journey.