Change of visa inside the country without exiting UAE is among the few widely accessible visa extension or renewal options available for visitors who are already in the UAE.

      With our latest visa change inside the UAE country package, extend your UAE visa without exiting the UAE country. No need to go through the tiring process of leaving the country and returning when you can modify the status of your visa without leaving the country. No more waiting at the airport for longer periods or commuting to Oman by bus. 

      The latest visa extension inside the country package can be availed by Dusk Travel and Tourism LLC, a hassle-free and relaxed way to change visas without exiting the country. Packages for both 30 days and 90 days are available at a nominal price. The applicant should submit all their required documents two to three days before their expiry day. This can be done from home. Now, applicants are not required to exit outside the country with a Visa change without leaving the UAE option. 

      Visa change or Visa extension will be accessible for tourists who are already inside the UAE. Tourists or Visit visa holders can extend their visas without exiting UAE. Since airport to airport and visa change by bus to Oman is also not within the bounds of possibility during this point of time. Dusk Travel and Tourism LLC can issue a visa change without exit in UAE for tourist visa holders and for nationals upon arrival. On-arrival Nationalities can get pre-approved UAE tourist visas. You can speak to our Visa Expert for more information.

      Although, applicants for cancelled employment visas in UAE may also apply for this package. As per our information, cancelled employment visas have not been extended and will have to either exit to their respective home country or do tourist visa change. Employment cancelled visa holders will be fined on the day they complete their grace period. Please contact Dusk Travel Visa Specialist for more information.

      Visa Change Inside UAE Without Exit Service Is Available for 

      • Tourist visa holders
      • Resident’s visa cancelled applicants
      • On arrival visa holders

      Process of Visa Change Inside the Country Without Exit

      Documents Required
      Scanned copies of your passport size photograph, passport front page and current tourist/ visit visa are required. 

      Mode of Payment 
      Make the payment at our offices in Dubai or to our bank account (online transfer details/deposit slip has to send to verify).

      Visa Application
      The visa application will be submitted and authorized. After acceptance of the visa, the status will appear 'Active'.

      Visa Status for Visa Change without Exit
      The status of the visa will change from the old visa to a new visa.

      Approval of Status change 
      Status change of visa gets approved for Visa Change without Exit.

      Receive the copy of the visa
      You will receive the approved copy of visa and status change documents in your Email or WhatsApp.

      Confirm the expiry date of the new visa
      Dusk Travel and Tourism team will send you the screenshot of the immigration system for the new visa’s last date for your awareness.

      Benefits of Visa Change Inside Country without Exit

      • No Need to Travel Anywhere.
      • Stay inside the country and get a new visa.
      • This service is valid for on-arrival/tourist/visit and resident/employment cancelled visas.
      • No Waiting at the Airport for New Visa.